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New Forklift Trucks

We can provide a full range of forklift trucks from two of the best manufacturers in the world. 


The suppliers of our equipment are some of the world’s biggest material handling equipment brands.  We offer machines to buy, short and long term hire and lease, as well as fleet servicing for your own machines.


The most popular way to buy a forklift truck is through contract hire.  We can help you to do this and we can offer you weekly forklift hire from as little as £29.00 per week.  


We have hire packages from 12 month to 5 years that include all servicing and maintenance.  This allows you to have fixed weekly or monthly budgets, helping you to forecast your expenditure.

If you would like to find out more about our range then please contact us.

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Extraordinary Forklifts

New forklift trucks can be the ideal solution to your material handling process.


They typically come with a minimum 12 month warranty but often this can be extended to give you piece of mind.


While it is often expensive to purchase a new forklift outright there are a number of options to you.

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Forklift Hire

Forklift hire through contract rental can be based over 3 to 5 years and will include all routine maintenance.

Alternatively a hire purchase option can be secured to help spread the cost of ownership.

If you only talk to one manufacturer of forklift trucks you will only get one story.  Is it not better to talk to a few companies or perhaps even one company that does not have loyalty to one manufacturer?

We will not tie ourselves to one FORKLIFT TRUCK manufacturer and become their sole agent or dealer.  We will supply any make of forklift as long as it is the correct machine for your application.